Editorial Statement

The Vienna Journal of Modern History (Wiener Zeitschrift zur Geschichte der Neuzeit) - abbreviated WZGN -  takes as its subject matter all of modern history from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to the present. German-language periodicals in this field are relatively scarce in comparison with the French and Anglo-American market. The tendency to divide modern history - in European perspective - into various subfields has increased since 1945. This is justified more by progressive specialization within the field than by other arguments. One goal of the WZGN is therefore to overcome this tendency toward splintering. Linkages among the social scientific, humanistic and cultural disciplines as well as connections across geographical spaces are also part of the journal’s programme. The WZGN, along with the newly founded book series, „Vienna Writings on Modern History“ (Wiener Schriften zur Geschichte der Neuzeit), should be understood as the successor to the book series “Vienna Contributions to Modern History” (Wiener Beitraege zur Geschichte der Neuzeit), a series of essay collections published primarily by modern historians in the Department of History at the University of Vienna from 1975 to 2000. The current editorial board of the WZGN includes many of the editors of the previous series.

The variety of approaches and specialties represented by the members of the journal’s Editorial Board is also present in the topics of the journal’s issues, as well as the journal’s methodological openness. Each issue contains articles on a selected theme, as well as a forum section for discussion contributions. The book review section focuses on in-depth considerations of significant titles, rather than large numbers of short reviews; occasionally works by the journal’s own editors are reviewed here by internationally known critics. Under the rubric „Re-readings“ individual titles that appeared and had significant impact decades ago are re-examined from a contemporary perspective. In principle all of these sections will be related to the given volume’s central theme. In an additional section reports appear on current and completed research projects as well as Habilitation theses, doctoral dissertations and selected diploma essays completed under the auspices of the Department of History in the field of modern history. Conference reports and announcements will also be included here.

The WZGN appears twice each year. The primary language of publication is German, but contributions in French and English will also be accepted. All articles will include an abstract in English. Each submitted article undergoes thorough peer review. Details about the topics of  current and future issues may be found at the following Internet addresses: www.studienverlag or www.univie.ac.at/Geschichte/WZGG

The WZGN also publishes individual papers, and invites submissions. Like all other submissions, these will be read by two anonymous reviewers; if they are accepted, they will then be published in the order received and subject to the space available - possibly in „open“ issues with no particular topic. The style sheet for submissions may be found at the following Internet address: Style Sheet

The Editors