ao. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Marianne Klemun

Marianne Klemun

ao. Univ.-Prof. i.R. Mag. Dr. Marianne Klemun

Universitätsring 1
1010 Wien

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Curriculum Vitae


  • Curriculum Vitae

    Name: Marianne KLEMUN

    Date of birth: 9 April 1955

    Place of birth: Ruden, Austria

    Nationality: Austrian

    Marital status: Married

    Currently position: Professor (Ao.-Prof.) at the Department of History, Univ. Vienna

    Fields of Interest: History of Science, Natural History in a cultural context


    School education

    • 1963 – 1966 Primary School Ruden, Austria
    • 1967 – 1974 Grammar School in Klagenfurt, Austria


    University education

    • 1974: University of Vienna. Fields of study: History, German Language and Literature, History of Art, and biological and geological subjects.
    • 1982: MA in German Language and Literature, History and Teaching
    • 1992: PhD in History at the University of Vienna
    • 2002: Habilitation and Professor at the Dept. of Modern History of the Univ. of Vienna


    Professional Experience

    • 1976-1982: Teacher in Adult Education: “German for Foreigners” at state-funded evening schools
    • 1977-1982: Numerous training courses and wide experience in the field of “German for Foreigners” in Germany (Nuremberg, etc.)
    • 1982:   Assistant teacher at a grammar school in Vienna
    • 1982-1991 Postdoc at the Department of Modern History, Univ. of Vienna
    • 1986-1992: Research in Klagenfurt (Austria), Graz (Austria), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Trieste (Italy), Munich, Berlin, London and Sibiu (Romania)
    • 1992-2002: Ass. Prof. at the Department of Mod. History, Univ. of Vienna
    • 1997: Board member of the Austrian Society for History of Science
    • 1997-2004: Consultant for equal rights for women within the Faculty of Cult. Studies
    • Since 2004: Elected Membership in the International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences INHIGEO
    • Since 2005-2014: Elected Member of the “Commission for Hist. of Sciences” at the Academy of Sciences (Vienna)
    • 2006-2012 Vice Dean of the Faculty of Cultural –History, University in Vienna
    • Since 2007 Head and Member of the Group “Öffentlichkeitsarbeit” of the Faculty
    • 2007: Visiting Professor at Jena (Germany) and teaching in History of Geology
    • 2009-2012: Councellor and Member of the Nominating Committee of the Earth Science Society (USA)
    • 2011-2012: Vice Director of the Department of History, University of Vienna
    • Since 2016:
      Member of the Board of the INHIGEO
      Secretary General of the INHIGEO
      Head of the Working Group History of Science at the Department


    Curated Museum Exhibitions

    • 1998: Concept and organisation of the exhibition “Workshop Nature in Carinthia” in the County Museum for Carinthia
    • 1999: Concept of the exhibition “Franz Unger’” at the Institute of Ecology and Vegetation Ecology (Faculty of Science and Math.) Vienna
    • 2000: Scientific conception of the exhibition “200th Anniversary of the First Ascent of the Grossglockner in Carinthia” , in Carinthia
    • 2012-2013: Co-curator of the Exhibition "Gelehrte Objekte" at the Austrian Museum of Ethnology, Vienna



    • Botanical Garden at Klagenfurt (Carinthia)
    • Centro interuniversitário de História das Ciências e da Tecnologia in Lisbon
  • Awards
    • 2010: Wulfen-Price by Carinthian Natural History Society
  • Social Media

    Radio Interview: Gregor Mendel (2016) etc.

    Concept of “uni-fiction” Stories (Science communication) about the History of the University of Vienna on the homepage of the University (since 12 March 2014)



  • Research Interests
    • History of science
    • history of natural sciences in a cultural context (botany, travelling, botanical gardens, expeditions)
    • history of earth science
  • Projects
    • Member of the Group „Wissenschaftsgeschichte der Metropole“ (History of science and metropolis) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Commission History and Philosophy of Sciences)
    • Book (2018/9): Edition and interpretation: the diaries of Franz Hauer
  • Conference Organisation


    • Together with Ana Carneiro: Organisation of the Session: „Textbooks and Handbooks as an Instrument of Power” (Symposium Nr. 41, 10 papers), at: 7th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science: “Science and Power, Science as Power”, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, 22–24 September 2016.
    • Commentator of 9 papers: “Skulls and roses: natural History collection and their meaning in 18–19th centuries, at: 7th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science: “Science and Power, Science as Power”, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, 22–24 September 2016.
    • Organisation of the Conference: Eduard Suess (1831–1914). Politik – Wissenschaft – Verantwortung, University of Vienna, 25 April, 2014.
    • Organiser of the session ‘Addressing the Dynamics of Museums’, at ‘Science and Technology in the European Periphery’, 9th STEP Meeting, Centro interuniversitário de História das Ciências e da Tecnologia, 1 - 3 September 2014, Lisbon).
    • Organiser of the session (with Marita Hübner) ‘Antiquarism – crossing regions, oceans, and field of knowledge’, at Scientiae 2014, Disciplines of Knowing in the Early Modern World’; 23 - 25 April 2014, Juridicum, Vienna.
    • Organiser of the symposium ‘Scientific Expeditions: Local Practices and Cosmopolitan Discourses’, with Ulrike Spring (Sogndal, Norwegen), at: 5th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science: Scientific Cosmopolitanism and Local Cultures: Religions, Ideologies, Societies, at:, 1 - 3 November, 2013, 12 Speakers, Athens.
    • Organiser of the session (with Elmar Schübl): ‘Historicized Nature – ‘Naturalized’ History’, at the 13th International Congress for Eighteenth Century Studies, 25 – 29 July 2011, in Graz.
    • Organiser of the session ‘”Moved” Natural Objects – Spaces in Between’. 4th International Conference for the History of Science, 18 - 20 November 2010, Barcelona.
    • Organiser of the Symposium ‘Unity in Diversity’. Franz Ungers Natural Research in International Context. Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna 2009.
    • Organiser of the panel ‘“Bewegte” Naturobjekte – Zwischenräume’, at: Kulturgeschichtetag in Linz, 12 – 15 September 2009.
    • Organiser of the symposium (with Ana Carneiro): ‘Seeing and Measuring, Constructing and Judging: Instruments in the History of the Earth Sciences’. Introduction to this symposium with 12 participants; at: XXIII International Congress of Science and Technology (ICHST 2009). ‘Ideas and Instruments in Social Context’, 27 July – 2 August 2009, Budapest.
    •  Introduction in the Topic (Session Organiser of) “Geological State Surveys: geological Maps as acts of synthesis and as evidences of differing styles of thinking”: ESHS, 3rd International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science, Vienna, September 10–12, 2008.
    • Session organizer of (together with Nicolas Robin): “Botany between Knowledge and Science: Images, Interspaces, Experiences and Gender” – Paper: “Systematic botany in the romantic Vienna and ‘Voyages into the flower fields of life’”, at: ISHPSSB (International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology) Meeting in Exeter (Centre for Genomics in Society) University of Exeter, July 25–29, 2007.
  • Links

Professional Service


  • Editorship
    • Marianne Klemun / Ulrike Spring (Eds.): Scientific Expeditions as Experiments (London, New York, Melbourne: Palgrave & Macmillan 2016).
    • Einheit und Vielfalt. Franz Ungers (1800–1870) Konzepte der Naturforschung im internationalen Kontext (Vienna University Press, Göttingen 2016).
    • Marianne Klemun, Hubert Szemethy, Fritz Blakolmer und Martina Fuchs (Hg.): 1365 – 2015 – 2065. Etwas andere Geschichten der Universität Wien (Wien 2015). Together with Hubert Szemethy, Fritz Blakolmer und Martina Fuchs, translated from German by Bryan Jenner (Hg.): 1365 – 2015 – 2065. “Once there was a Student“: Other Stories of the University of Vienna (Vienna 2015).
    • Marianne Klemun, Hubert Szemethy, Martina Fuchs, Fritz Blakolmer und Matthias Beitl (Hg.): Gelehrte Objekte – Wege zum Wissen. Aus den Sammlungen der Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät  (= Kataloge des Österreichischen Museums für Volkskunde 2013, 98).
    • (As Guest Editor): Moved Natural Objects. Spaces in Between (= Host Journal of History of Science and Technology, Vol. 5, Spring, 2012) online-journal:
    • Marianne Klemun / Thomas Hofmann (Hg.): Die k. k. Geologische Reichsanstalt in den ersten Jahrzehnten ihres Wirkens. Neue Zugänge und Forschungsfragen (= Berichte der Geologischen Bundesanstalt 95, Wien 2012).
    • Marianne Klemun / Ana Carneiro (Eds.): Seeing and Measuring, Constructing and Judging: Instruments in the History of the Earth Sciences (= Centaurus, An International Journal of the History of Science and its Cultural Aspects, Vol. 53, Issue 2, 2011).
    • Wissenschaft und Kolonialismus (Hg): (= Wiener Zeitschrift zur Geschichte der Neuzeit 9/2, 2009).
    • Marianne Klemun / Veronika Hofer (Hg.): Bildfunktionen in den Wissenschaften (= Wiener Zeitschrift zur Geschichte der Neuzeit 7/1, 2007).
    • Der Hochobir. Aus Natur und Geschichte, Marianne Klemun Hg. (Schriftleitung gem. mit B. Golob, Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein für Kärnten)  (Klagenfurt 1999).



    • Wiener Beiträge zur Geschichte der Neuzeit, Wien 1983 – 1997.
    • Wiener Zeitschrift zur Geschichte der Neuzeit, 1. Jg., 2001 – 10. Jg. 2010.
  • Fellowship and Membership
    • Member of the Board of the Austrian Society of History of Science
    • Since 2016:
      Member of the Board of the INHIGEO
      Secretary General of the INHIGEO


Publications in u:cris

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Science and Prestige: The 9th International geological Congress, Vienna (1903). / Klemun, Marianne.

In: Episodes: journal of international geoscience, Vol. 46, No. 3, 09.2023, p. 491-503.

Publications: Contribution to journalArticlePeer Reviewed

Botanischer Garten und Stadtbotanik. / Klemun, Marianne.

Grün in der Stadt. Vom Hortus conclusus zum Urban gardening : Beiträge zur Geschichte der Städte Mitteleuropas. ed. / Andrea Pühringer; Holger Th. Gräf. Vol. 30 Innsbruck/Wien : Studien-Verl., 2023. p. 191-218 (Beiträge zur Geschichte der Städte Mitteleuropas, Vol. 30).

Publications: Contribution to bookChapter

Galileio Galilei (1564-1642) ….. und er bewegt sich auch! / Klemun, Marianne.

In: Bulletin Geschichtsverein für Kärnten, Vol. 2022, No. 2, 2023, p. 75-82.

Publications: Contribution to journalArticle

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Activities in u:cris

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Tekmovanje proti sodelovanju: poklicne poti naravoslavcev v habsburški monarhiji 18. stoletja. Zgodba I. A. Scopoli in N. J. Jacquina. Od: Ionnes Antonius Scopoli polihistor v Deželi Kranjski. Praznovanje 300-letnice rojstva polihistorja Joannesa Antoniusa Scopolija. Org. Botanični vrt Univerze v Ljublani. Competition versus cooperation: career paths of naturalistes in the habsburg Monarchy of the 18th century. A story between I. A. Scopoli and N. J. Jacquin. At: International expert consultation on the 300th anniversary of the polymath Joannes Antonius Scopoli’s birth

Marianne Klemun
Talk or oral contribution
2.6.2023 - 2.6.2023

Die Suche nach dem Grünen Gold: „Ein Ruhm, den ich zu theilen haben werde“. Friedrich Welwitsch (1806-1872) im Jahr 2022

Marianne Klemun
Talk or oral contribution
15.12.2022 - 15.12.2022

The Extinct Moa and Bone Preparation Techniques: From Single Bones to Mounted Skeleton as Hybrid Objects Between Nature and Culture. Panel: Hidden histories revealed in scientific revision of palaeontological collections

Marianne Klemun
The 6th International Palaeontological Congress
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
8.11.2022 - 8.11.2022

Erdwissenschaftliche Sammlungen: Wissen, Kommunikation und Glaubwürdigkeit. Bei: Sammlungen mit Nutzen betrachten. Akteure geowissenschaftlicher Sammlungen um 1800 und ihre epistemischen Praktiken

Marianne Klemun
Talk or oral contribution
3.11.2022 - 3.11.2022

Woher hatte Hochstetter das praktische geologische Wissen?

Marianne Klemun
Hochstetter Workshop
Seminar/Workshop, Talk or oral contribution
31.10.2022 - 31.10.2022

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